SSC Stenographer Skill test procedure details

Candidates will be short listed for the SSC Stenographer Skill test on the basis of their performance (qualifying marks) in the Written Examination. Candidates who qualify in the Skill Test will be recommended for appointment by the SSC on the basis of their performance in the Written Examination. Allocation of departments will be depend upon their merit position and option exercised by candidates.

SSC Stenographer Skill test Pattern:

(i) Candidates who obtain the qualifying marks in the Written Examination will only be called for the Skill Test.

(ii) The Skill test in stenography will be of qualifying nature and qualifying standards in the skill test for different categories of candidates will be fixed by SSC.

(iii) The candidates will be given one dictation for 10 minutes in English / Hindi at the speed of 100 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and 80 w.p.m. for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘D’.

(iv) The matter will have to be transcribed on computer only.

(v) The evaluation of transcription will be done electronically only.

 Important due care for SSC Stenographer Skill test:

(1) If the candidates do not indicate the medium of stenography test in Column No. 18 of the Application Form, the Commission will consider English as the medium of stenography test for such candidates.

(2) There is no exemption from skill test for any category of candidates.

(3) Candidates who opt to take the Stenography Test in Hindi will be required to learn English Stenography and vice versa after their appointment, failing which their probation may not be cleared by appointing departments. Candidates have to work as English/Hindi stenographers as per the functional requirement of the User Office irrespective of the medium of Skill Test of candidate during the examination.

(4) For the post of Stenographer Grade ‘D’- VH candidates will be required to transcribe the matter in 75 minutes for English Shorthand or in 100 minutes for Hindi Shorthand. For the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C’- in 70 minutes for English Shorthand test and in 95 minutes for Hindi Shorthand test.

(5) SSC Stenographer Skill test will be held at the SSC’s Regional/Sub Regional Offices or at other Centre(s) as may be decided by the SSC.

Detailed instructions regarding SSC Stenographer Skill test:

(On Computer)

1.  The Commission will provide the Computer and Shorthand Notebook for the test, no candidates will be allowed to bring his own key board.

2. The scheme of Test for short hand test (on computer) at the speed of 80/100 words per minute for Stenographer Grade ‘D’ and Grade ‘C’  is as under:

Post Skill Test Norms on Computer
Stenographer Grade ‘D’ Dictation: 10 minutes @ 80 w.p.m., Transcription: 50 minutes (English) 65 minutes (Hindi)
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ Dictation: 10 minutes @ 100 w.p.m., Transcription: 40 minutes (Eng.) 55 minutes (Hindi)

3.  The candidates will be required to take their seat ten minutes before commencement of the Stenography Test. If the computer goes out of order during transcription, the candidate should inform the Invigilator.

4.  Candidates should type their particulars (Roll No., etc.) in the space provided on the screen, verify personal details on the next screen and press the button ‘CONFIRM’.

5.  Candidates shall be given two trial passages each of one minute’s duration which need not be transcribed. Thereafter, the actual passage shall be dictated. As soon as it is over, the candidates shall read their shorthand notes silently for ten minutes. The time for the commencement of the transcription will be announced by the Invigilator/Venue Supervisor as soon as the reading time is over. Thereafter, they will have to complete their transcription including comparison, correction etc. within the stipulated time. The candidate shall have to transcribe the shorthand notes in “Double Space”.

6.  Immediately after the Stenography test is over, the candidate will have to write in his/her own handwriting one paragraph of about 50-60 words from the Shorthand passage given to him/her on a separate sheet and will have to
write his/her name and Roll No. and affix his/her signature at the end.

7.  Candidates should not tear any sheet given to them. When the printout of the transcript typed by him/her is given to him/her, he/she must write his roll no. and name on each page, sign and handover the same to the invigilator along with the Shorthand Note book. Candidate are advised that the Shorthand Note book is scrutinized by the Commission before finalization of the result of the skill test.

8. Candidates should not take either script or any blank typing paper out of the Examination Hall.

9. Every candidate will be supplied with a photo bearing attendance Sheet with his/her Roll number. He/she will be required to sign it and put his/her Left Hand Thumb impression before the beginning of the Test.

10. Candidates shall not be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the expiry of the Test.

11. Candidates must abide by further instructions, if any, which may be given to them by the Supervisor. If any candidate fails to do so or indulges in disorderly or improper conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to
expulsion from the Test or such other penalty as the Commission may deem fit.

12. Any request for change in time/date/centre/medium of the test will not be entertained by the Commission under any circumstances.

13. Possession of mobile/cellular phones (whether in use or not) in the examination hall is strictly prohibited. Failure to do so shall invite disciplinary action as the Commission may deem fit, including cancellation of candidature.

Nature of Mistakes in SSC Stenographer Skill test  -Evaluation of Transcripts

(i) Full Mistakes:

The following mistakes are treated as full mistakes :-

a) Every omission of a word or figure including omission of a definite or indefinite article. In case a group of words is omitted, mark as many mistakes as the actual number of words omitted.

b) Every substitution of a wrong word or figure. The number of mistakes will be equal to the number of words/figures dictated which have been replaced/substituted by other words(s)/ figure(s).

c) Every addition of a word or figure

(ii) Half Mistakes:

The following are treated as Half mistakes :–

a) Mis-spelling, including transposition of letters in a word and also omission of a letter or letters from a word. However, mis-spelling of proper nouns and unfamiliar names are ignored.

b) Using singular for plural noun and vice versa.

c) Wrong use of capital or small letters at the beginning of the sentence.

(iii) More than one error in a single word:

All the errors are counted but the total mistakes counted in a single word should not exceed one full mistake.

Candidates are not be penalised for any type of errors or mistakes other than those described above.

Documents to be brought at the time of SSC Stenographer Skill test:

1. The candidate must bring original Admission Certificate issued to him/her by the Commission for securing
admission to the Test of Stenography.

2. Candidates are required to bring original copies of the following certificates/documents along with attested copies thereof at the time of test, failing which; they may not be admitted to the test.
(i)     Matriculation or equivalent certificate in support of date of birth.
(ii)    Education Certificate in support of educational qualifications.
(iii)  SC/ST/ExS/OBC/PH certificate in the ‘PRESCRIBED’ format issued by the competent authority, in case candidate belongs to any such category.
(iv)   “No Objection Certificate” if the candidates is in Central Government Employment and seeks age relaxation available to such eligible candidates.
(v)  A recent passport size photograph.
(vi) A photo bearing identification certificates such as Passport, Voters Card, Driving License, Pan Card etc.

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