SSC-CGL Tier I Exam Pattern

Syllabus and Topic wise Pattern of SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier-I   Written Examination (Objective Multiple Choice Type):

Tier –I of the Combined Graduate level Examination would be common for all categories of posts and will be held in one session. The question paper contains 200 questions each of one mark. The question paper contains four parts:

Part-A   General Intelligence & Reasoning – 50 Questions,

Part-B   General Awareness – 50 Questions,

Part-C   Numerical Aptitude – 50 Questions,

Part-D   English Comprehension – 50 Questions.

Total Duration of Examination for General candidates – 2 Hours

Total Duration of Examination for Visually Handicapped candidates– 2 Hours 40 mins.

Medium of Examination:

The questions will be set in Hindi/English in respect of Parts A, B and C.

Standard of Questions:

The questions in the parts A, B & D will be of a level commensurate with the Essential Qualification prescribed for the post viz; graduation. The standard of the questions in part C (Numerical Aptitude) will be of 10+2 level.

Part A. General Intelligence & Reasoning:

Syllabus: It would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type. This component may include questions on analogies, similarities and differences, spatial visualization, spatial orientation, problem solving, analysis, judgement, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning and figural classification, arithmetic number series, non-verbal series, coding and decoding, statement conclusion, syllogistic reasoning etc.

Topic wise Pattern of Part-A, TIER-I, SSC CGL Exam question paper, 2014:

  1. Verbal type: 38 questions

(i)            Related word/letter/numbers – 6 questions

(ii)           Odd word/letter/numbers – 6 questions

(iii)          Series with one term missing – 4 questions

(iv)         Meaningful order of words – 2 questions

(v)          General math reasoning – 3 questions

(vi)         Word formation -2 questions

(vii)        Letter/number coding – 4 questions

(viii)       Mathematical symbols – 2 questions

(ix)         Math equation solving – 2 nos.

(x)          Missing number term – 3 questions

(xi)         Distance/travel – 2 nos.

(xii)        Most appropriate alternative inference – 2 questions

  1. Non –Verbal type: 12 questions

(i)            Figures –matching cut pieces – 2 questions

(ii)           Figures –matching rotation – 1 question

(iii)          Venn diagram – 3 questions

(iv)         Figures- next pattern – 2 questions

(v)          Figures –hidden/embedded – 1 question

(vi)         Figures –piece of paper folding – 1 question

(vii)        Figures –mirror image – 1 question

(viii)       Matrix – 1 question

Part B. General Awareness:

Syllabus: General awareness of the environment and its application to society. Current events and of such matters of every day observations and experience in scientific aspect. Questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining to sports, History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Polity, Indian Constitution, scientific Research etc.

Topic wise Pattern of Part-B, TIER-I, SSC CGL Exam question paper, 2014:

(i)            Economics – 5 questions

(ii)           Politics  – 5 questions

(iii)          History  – 8 questions

(iv)         Geography – 8 questions

(v)          Biology – 8 questions

(vi)         Physics – 4 questions

(vii)        Chemistry – 4 questions

(viii)       Computer science – 2 questions

(ix)         Environment – 4 questions

(x)          Current affair – 1 question

(xi)         Book      – 1 question

Part C. Numerical Aptitude:

Syllabus: Computation of whole numbers, decimals and fractions and relationships between numbers. Order among numbers, translation from one name to another, Order of magnitude, estimation or prediction of the outcome of computation, Arithmetical concepts and relationship between numbers.

Topic wise Pattern of Part-C, TIER-I, SSC CGL Exam question paper, 2014:

(i)            Polynomials, linear & quadratic equations – 10 questions

(ii)           Speed/distance – 2 questions

(iii)          Trigonometry – 6 questions

(iv)         Height & distance – 2 questions

(v)          Triangles, circles etc. – 8 questions

(vi)         Area, Volume etc. – 4 questions

(vii)        Statistics – 6 questions

(viii)       Probability – 1 question

(ix)         Profit/sale – 3 questions

(x)          Percentage – 3 questions

(xi)         Ratio – 3 questions

(xii)        Work/days – 1 question

(xiii)       Interest                – 1 question

Part D. English Comprehension:

Syllabus: Comprehension and writing ability.

Topic wise Pattern of Part-D, TIER-I, SSC CGL Exam question paper, 2014:

(i)            Identify the part of sentences for error/correct – 5 questions

(ii)           Filling blank in the sentences – 5 questions

(iii)          Synonyms – 3 questions

(iv)         Antonyms –  3 questions

(v)          Meaning of Idiom/Phrase –  5 questions

(vi)         Sentence improvement – 10 questions

(vii)        One word substitution – 7 questions

(viii)       Word spelling – 2 questions

(viii)       Comprehension Passage – 10 questions

Note: Candidates should go through SSC’s official web page for Examination Notification  and date of examination for CGL level Tier-I Examination.

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