Important due care in SSC JE Exam

In Paper-I (Objective type) and Paper-II (Conventional) for General Engineering, the candidate will be required to attempt only the part as per option given in the application form. Commission has decided to conduct the SSC JE Exam 2016 (Paper-Iin computer based examination mode in place of OMR based examination mode. Important due care in SSC JE Exam Paper- I (Objective type) and Paper- II (Conventional) Exam should be carefully read before attempt your examination.

Candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Civil), Junior Engineer(Quantity Surveying & Contract) should attempt Part A (Civil & Structural) of Paper-I and Paper-II and the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Electrical) should attempt Part-B (Electrical) and the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Mechanical) should attempt Part C (Mechanical) of Paper-I and Paper-II failing which his/her answer sheet will not be evaluated.

  • Computer Based Examinations are being conducted online through computer based software system.
  • For examination, Personal Computers (Desktop or laptop computers) will be provided to candidates at testing centers.
  • Candidate are required to be comfortable with keyboard and mouse for computer based examination before attempting the final Examination i.e. Paper -I.
  • Mock/Practice tests will also be made available on SSC website for candidates to acquire familiarity with the Computer Based Examinations process.

Important due care in SSC JE Exam, Paper- I (Objective type):

(i) Candidates are not permitted to use calculators for answering Objective Type Paper. Mathematical and drawing instruments, Log Tables stencils of maps and slide rules are not permitted to bring in to Examination hall.

(ii) Paper-I will consist of Objective Type Multiple Choice questions only. There are four alternatives for answer to every question. You have to choose one response for each question.

(iii) If you think there is more than one correct response, then choose what you consider the best response.

(iv) There will be penalty (Negative marking) @ 1/4th (0.25) for wrong answers marked by a candidate in the Objective Type Papers.

(v) If no answer is given by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that question.

(vi)  Candidates who are shortlisted on the basis of performance in Paper –I will be called for Paper-II (Conventional Type).

Important due care in SSC JE Exam Paper- II (Conventional) Exam:

(i) There will be 5 questions in each part. Candidates should attempt 5 questions in all. All questions carry equal marks.

(ii) Candidates are allowed to bring their own Slide–Rule, Calculator, Logarithm Tables and Steam Table for Paper-II (Conventional) only.

(iii) Candidates must write the papers/indicate the answers in their own hand.

(iv) Wherever applicable, the candidates must indicate /write the answer either in Hindi or in English. If answers are indicated/written partly in Hindi and partly in English and vice versa, the Answer script will not be evaluated.

(v) In the question papers, wherever required, SI units will be used.

(vi) Candidates will be supplied with standard tables/charts in SI units in the Examination hall for reference purpose.

(vii) Candidates should use only International form of Indian numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.) while answering the question papers.

(viii) Candidates must write their name, Roll No., Ticket no., Name of the Examination and Subject at the prescribed place on the cover of the the answer book. Do not write your roll number on answer books, graph/precis sheet, drawing papers or additional answer book.

(ix) Answers in excess of prescribed number will be ignored. Only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued.

(x) Candidates are advised to read very carefully, the instructions, placed on the Commission’s website (Candidate’s Corner), and instructions on OMR sheets/Question Papers in their own interest.

Minimum qualifying marks:

The commission have discretion to fix minimum qualifying marks in any or all the papers of the examination.

Note: Candidates may also check SSC’s official website for detailed Examination Notification, date of examination and Selection Process of SSC JE Exam.

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