General Science- Learning

Most frequently asked General science (Biology/Physics/Chemistry) questions in competitive examinations:

Q.1. Which is bio-diversity rich place in India?

Ans. Western Ghat

Q.2. To maintain ecological balance, the area under forest should be…

Ans. 33%

Q.3. Air pressure is lowest in…..

Ans.  Summer season

Q.4   The number of agro-climate zones in Uttar Pradesh is…..

Ans.    9

Q.5.  World Ozone day is celebrated on…

Ans.   September,16

Q.6.    ‘Green Mufler’ is related to….

Ans.  Noise pollution

Q.7.    Which is the largest ecosystem of the world?

Ans.  Ocean.

Q.8.   Methane gas producing field is….

Ans.    Paddy field

Q.9.  ‘NEERI’ is located at….

Ans.    Nagpur.

Q.10 Biotechnology park is located at…..

Ans.   Lucknow

Q.11.   In which years was passed the Environment protection  Act?

Ans.  1986

Q.12.  The first national park established in India  is….

Ans.    Corbett National park.

Q.13   Which is not a secondary pollutant?

Ans.  Sulphur dioxide

Q. 14  Harmful ultra-violet  radiation coming from the sun can cause…

Ans.   Dermal cancer

Q.15  Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder,in which people…..

Ans.   Briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep.

Q.16. Ozone protects  biosphere from….

Ans. Ultraviolet rays

Q.17.  Biodegradable pollutant is…

Ans.   Sewage

Q.18.  In which departments of a hospital will ‘Cath lab’ be found?

Ans.  Cardiology

Q.19.  ‘Cerebral Palsy’ is a brain disorder found generally in….

Ans.  Small children

Q.20. Some marine animals and insects emit light from their body in darkness. This Phenomenon is known as….

Ans. Phosphorescence   &  Bioluminescence

Q.21. After menopause, production of which hormones does not take place in women?

Ans.   Estrogen

Q.22.  Biodiversity means….

Ans.  diverse kinds of plants and animals in particular area.

Q.23.  In coronary artery by-pass surgery the blood vessel to be used as graft has to be…..

Ans.  artery from the fore arm.

Q.24.  Biological  resurfacing is a recent  surgical technique used to treat problems of…..

Ans.  Knee joints

Q.25.  To look total image of a person, the minimum height of a plane mirror is……

Ans.  Half of the height of a person.

Q.26. Homi Bhabha Prize is given for the special contribution in which fields?

Ans. Cosmic ray physics and astro-particle physics

Q.27.  Sound waves do not travel in….

Ans.  Vacuum.

Q.28. Which is not an explosive matter?

Ans.   Nitrochloroform

Q.29. What is the source of electrical energy in an artificial satellite?

Ans.    Solar cells

Q.30  Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Ans. List-I                                   List-II

A.    Vitamin B-12                   1.  Cobalt

B.    Haemoglobin                  2.  Iron

C.    Chlorophyll                     3.  Magnesium

D.     Brass                             4.  Copper


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