General Science-2 -learning

Most frequently asked General science (Biology/Physics/Chemistry) questions in competitive examinations:

Q.1. When the amount of Silver increase in Gold, the colour turns to be …

Ans. Yellow

Q.2. The type of association between an alga and fungus has the upper hand is known as…

Ans. Helotism

Q.3. Cohesion theory was given by …..

Ans.  Dixon and Joly

Q.4 Urinary bladder is absent in…..

Ans.  Pigeon

Q.5. The Wavelength of X-rays is of the order of…

Ans. 1 angstrom

Q.6. The colour of a star is an indication of its….

Ans.  temperature

Q.7. The Phenomenon is overcome by somatic hybridization:

Ans.  Sexual incompatibility

Q.8.  Wooden doors and windows do not close easily during rainy season due to….

Ans.    Imbibition

Q.9.  Which is a bleaching agent?

Ans.    Nitrogen dioxide

Q.10 The surface temperature of the Sun is about…..

Ans.   $$6000^0$$ K

Q.11.  Two waves have same frequency, but have amplitudes equal to A and 2A. These waves superpose each other in opposite phase. The amplitude of the resultant wave is

Ans.  A

Q.12. The shortcut to delete a file permanently in Windows XP is….

Ans.    Shift+Del.

Q.13   Which is not a computing device?

Ans.  Digital Scanner

Q. 14  Bacterial decomposition of biological material under aerobic condition is…

Ans.   Composting

Q.15  Acid rain is caused by…..

Ans.   $$SO_2$$ and $$NO_2$$

Q.16. Which is known as the metal of future?

Ans. Titanium

Q.17.  Corrosion is a…

Ans.  redox reaction

Q.18.  An example of two miscible liquids is…

Ans.  kerosene and water

Q.19. Water diffusion into endodermis takes place through….

Ans.  Casparian strips

Q.20. Root pressure is due on….

Ans. Active absorption

Q.21. The other name for phloem is….

Ans.   Bast

Q.22.  Triticum aestivum, the common bread wheat is….

Ans.  Hexaploid.

Q.23. Branch of Biology deals with extinct organisms:

Ans.  Palaeontology

Q.24.  The least distance of distinct vision is …..

Ans.  25 cm

Q.25.  Angular momentum is equal to ……

Ans.  Moment of inertia x angular velocity.

Q.26. Superconductivity means ….

Ans. current without facing any resistance

Q.27.  Which communication modes support two-ways traffic but in only one direction at a time?

Ans.  Half-duplex

Q.28. WINDOWS-98 is basically….

Ans.   an operating system

Q.29. A compound used in medicine as a pain killer is….

Ans.    Aspirin

Q.30  What could be the function attributed to the transfusion tissue found in Cycas leaflets?

Ans.    Conduction

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