CDS English questions topic wise pattern 2016-2013

CDS English questions topic wise pattern asked in previous years Exams 2016(II), 2016(I), 2015(II), 2015(I), 2014(II), 2014(I), 2013(II) & 2013(I).

CDS English questions topic wise pattern:

  • The English question papers shall be of Objective Multiple Choice Type.
  • The question paper shall be of 120 minutes duration for 120 questions and 100 maximum marks. 
  • There will be four alternatives for the answer to every question. There will be negative marking of one third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question for each wrong answer.
  • The standard of the papers will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding of English and workmanlike use of words.

Topic wise questions in CDS English Paper:

Topics/Exam2016 (II)2016 (I)2015 (II)2015 (I)2014 (II)2014 (I) 2013 (II) 2013 (I)
Spotting Errors2015152025201915
Sentence improvement252025202020--20
Word substitution------5--------
Selecting Words302025202020--12
Ordering of sentences 1410--10810189
Ordering of words in a sentence1115--711111613
Fill in the blanks--1010----4--6

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