ASM Aptitude Test procedure in RRB NTPC Exam

Aptitude Test for the post of Assistant Station Master(ASM) & Traffic Assistant:

Online Common Computer Based Test (CBT) will be conducted by various RRBs for the various Non Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) posts.  There shall be two stage common CBT followed by aptitude Test for the posts of Assistant Station Master (ASM) and Traffic assistant by all participating RRBs. For merit purpose, 70% weightage will be given to CBT marks and 30% weightage to the marks obtained in Aptitude Test. ASM aptitude test procedure, types of tests and sample paper link is given below:

Selection procedure of ASM & Traffic Assistant:

Cat. No.PostsSelection Process
7 & 8Assistant Station Master(ASM) & Traffic AssistantCommon Ist stage CBT + Common IInd stage CBT + Aptitude test + document verification

ASM aptitude test procedure:

In Indian Railways following type of tests are being used in Aptitude tests.

Intelligence Test:

In this test each problem consists of five figures, four of which are similar in a certain way. It is required to find out the one which is different from other four.

Selective Attention Test:

This is a test to find out how quickly you can compare two numbers and decide whether or not they are the same. In this test your task is to add odd numbers, for example 1, 3, 5, etc., and indicate which of the five options shows the correct sum. While counting even numbers are to be ignored.

Spatial Scanning Test:

This is a test of how rapidly and accurately one can see objects in order to match them. You have to find out shortest possible route between any two stations (represented by alphabets) in the shortest possible time in a given map. Dark lines indicate streets. The circles are barriers, which cannot be crossed. Squares containing numbers represent houses. Number of the house passed by while finding the shortest route will be your answer.

Personality Test:

In this test you have to answers according to your interest and views. Based on your answers two different dimensions of your personality would be evaluated and two separate scores would be generated. It is mandatory for you to qualify on both the dimensions of personality for being suitable in this test.

Important due care:

  1. Each above test has separate Time Limit and it will be advised to candidates during test sessions. It is required to solve test items and marking answers within the prescribed time.
  2. The name of the above tests shown are only indicative. These may change at any time without prior notice.
  3. In aptitude test, it is required to work quickly and accurately, as most tests have short time limits.

For ASM aptitude test question pattern and other details, candidates may visit website of RDSO (www.rdso. Directorates/Psycho Technical/Candidates’ Corner) or may be download the sample paper of ASM aptitude test  procedure/guidelines given at RDSO official website.

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  1. Hi Utkarsh, will the 1st stage score also be taken into account for CBDT, and would that be the normalized score?I have done exceedingly well in the 1st CBT but in 2nd CBT i just crossed the line of cut off for ASM. I shall be obliged if you let me know this as on 30th i am having aptitude test.

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