All about Interview: Tips for Success

The Objects of an interview are to judge and know the:

  • Suitability of a candidate for the job he has applied for.
  •  Mental caliber of a candidate.
  •  Mental alertness (The knowledge about the current events )
  •  Social cohesion and Leadership qualities
  •  Plus and minus points of his personality.

Important Aspects: All about Interview :

1. Knowledge of the candidate

If a candidate doesn’t have adequate knowledge of his subject, he will not be able to present his views properly .

2.  Way of presentation or power of expression

If the power of expressing his views is poor, he will not be able to explain his views effectively and in a proper manner, in spite of his good knowledge of the topic.

3. Positive attitude

The attitude of a candidate also plays very important role in the interview. A man with positive attitude always presents his views with confidence and in a convincing manner. A man with positive attitude have leadership qualities and could get the work done with least friction.

What to prepare for the Interview? And How to prepare for the Interview?

Following points will help you in finding the solutions to the above questions:

Your C.V. Resume/ Bio-data

Bio-data or Resume is the brief description:

  • about you ,
  • your educational/ technical qualifications,
  • your experience,
  • your hobbies and
  • your achievements if any.

Note: Most of the candidates do not know how to prepare their bio-data. It must be understood well that bio-data is your first impression , if it has not prepared in a proper manner you may lose some valuable points and your first impression will be that of an inattentive or lethargic guy. Utmost care should be take while preparing your bio-data, because several questions in your interview are based on the bio-data sent by you.

Preparation before the Interview:

  • Get the thorough knowledge of the Company/ Organisation.
  • Go through your Bio- data , think of possible questions that you might be asked.Read most probable questions asked in interview here……
  • Do practice of answering the questions loudly. You can take help of your good friends. Some candidates find practicing in front of a mirror useful, it is also a good way. You can tape your voice using a tape recorder and hear it out, find the errors and omissions.
  • What you actually want from the interviewer to understand about you and your qualities? Think over it and try to find out the way to present them, whatever questions he asks.
  • Check out your travel arrangements. Avoid being late at any cost under any circumstances. Try to reach at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Important points to be followed during Interview:

  • Take your seat comfortably without any noise of dragging or pushing the chair.
  • Sit comfortably, straight, face up and hands on the legs, presents a well confident posture. Keep your head up and shoulders back.
  • Be polite and courteous to every one.
  • Look organized, cheerful and confident.
  • Make sure to have a firm handshake.
  • Keep smile on your face. Don’t give impression that you are under stress or tensed.
  • Don’t cut jokes with other candidates.
  • Don’t shout or laugh loudly.
  • Don’t try to bluff the Interview Board.

The not to do list:

Be cautious and do not let the following negative factors cost you the job:

  • Late for interview
  • Improperly filling up the application form (Bio-data).
  • Poor personal dressing.
  • Criticizing past employer.
  • Overemphasis on money and other perks.
  • Over aggressive or over bearing behavior.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Persistent attitude of ‘what can you do for me?

Evaluation of the Interview:

  • Your dress, handshake, eye contact.
  • Awareness about the company, its profile/ work.
  • Your way of answering.
  • Your suitability in respect to your qualifications etc.
  • Your personality traits; leadership, team spirit, capacity of coping with stress etc.
  • Your motivational approach.
  • Your attitude towards work and Whether you are fit to work as per company’s parameters.
  • Your specific talents.
  • And not the least your responsive listening.

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